Hayley Zavattiero

BHSc Naturopathy


Hayley is a qualified Naturopath whom completed her Bachelor of Health Science at SSNT, Fitzroy. She has an interest in understanding the body’s biological mechanisms and chemical pathways ensuring her treatments align with these factors. Her approach to health is by applying evidence based therapeutics, together with traditional knowledge, to achieve results. Hayley endeavours to support individual changes in lifestyle and diet behaviour through education to ensure health goals are achievable and maintainable long-term with minimal intervention. She works solely online with focusing on gut and digestive related issues. She commonly assists patients with their menstrual cycles and has keen interest in the areas of mental health and mood. 

Hayley is currently on Maternity Leave.

Anna Werner

BHSc Naturopathy


Anna is a Naturopath and Holistic Nutritionist receiving her degree from SSNT, Fitzroy. Anna offers face to face consults on Kangaroo Island and works with our mainland patients online. Rather than masking symptoms, she believes that real progression in her patient's health comes from identifying, addressing and treating the underlying root cause of poor health and disease. She loves helping people in all aspects of health, however her passion and expertise lies in children and young adults, stress, anxiety, and poor energy. For many conditions, early intervention by correcting nutrient deficiencies, identifying triggers and undergoing testing can support optimal health throughout all stages of development and into adulthood. 

Peirson McMurtrie

BHSc Naturopathy


Peirson is our Melbourne based Naturopath, completing her Bachelor of Health Science at SSNT, Fitzory. Working online, Peirson is particularly passionate about helping clients enhance their health through diet modifications and nutritional supplementation, whilst complimenting treatment with tailored herbal. Peirson currently works in practitioner technical support, consulting other Naturopaths with treatment suggestions and ensuring safety of prescriptions. This work has given her an immense knowledge of supplements, safety and treatment approaches for an array of health issues. Peirson has experience in assisting blood sugar imbalances⁠, sleep and stress issues, correcting menstrual issues and associated conditions such as acne, pain, irregular cycles as well as preparing for optimal health prior to conception for both female and males.

  • Herbal medicine

  • Nutritional supplementation 

  • Functional testing

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle



  • Mood and Mental Health

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Stress

  • Sleep and Fatigue

  • Lowered Immunity

  • Acne

  • Skin Disorders

  • Autoimmune

  • Optimising Fertility

  • Cardiovascular health