Initial Consultation / 

Your first visit is a thorough overview of your current health state, your past health history and your health goals.

Return Consultation /

A Return Consultation helps us expand on your health history and treatment moving forward. 

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Our practitioner Anna loves working with parents and children, addressing common concerns such as:

  • stomach issues

  • mood

  • behaviour

  • & nutritional deficiencies

Address your child's health concerns in a holistic way which is tailored to their specific needs. Use this opportunity to learn about, and teach children about, their bodies, engaging them in their health and helping to set up strong foundations for their future.

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A 6-week personalised treatment plan program.



1x Initial appointment;

Your first visit is a thorough overview of your current health state, your past health history and future health goals. Here, we will also discuss in detail your history with hay fever and seasonal allergies, past history of combative medications, triggers, and impacts of diet.


3 x 20-minute consultations;

Throughout the treatment package there are three, twenty-minute check-in appointments to discuss improvements in frequency and severity of hay fever and seasonal allergy symptoms, as well as discussing progress on the supplements provided.


Included supplements;

Throughout the six weeks there are a collection of herbal and nutritional supplements that have been chosen specific for hay fever and seasonal allergies and specific for you and your presenting case.

We have also added the options of additional extras to complement the included supplements. These products are perfect pairing and adjuncts to the treatment plan package but are, however, case by case and we recommend discussing with Hayley or Anna if they are appropriate for you.


Referral for testing & nutritional deficiency correction;

As Naturopaths, we are trained to spot nutritional deficiencies, assess them, and correct them. In some cases, we have the ability to refer your case to a doctor for investigative bloods in order to truly see where your nutrient status may be.

More often than not, hay fever and seasonal allergies are concurrently associated with nutritional deficiencies. (functional testing is not included in price)


Custom elimination diet;

At the beginning of the treatment plan package you will be provided with custom elimination diet guidelines. These will be guidelines that will assist the work that the herbal and nutritional supplements are doing, supporting hay fever and seasonal allergies and the symptoms that are associated. The beauty of these guidelines is that they can be also implemented long-term, not just seasonally!



With purchase of the treatment plan package you will also receive the GET A HOLD ON HAY FEVER - an allergy and reactivity reduction program E-Book. Inside, you will find detailed descriptions of each step of the program – broken down week-by-week, treatment purposes and supplement goals, as well as a copy of the custom elimination diet guidelines. Yours to keep and implement for the future! 

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