• Taking a supplement with B vitamins? Your urine will turn yellow! This is completely normal. We will give you B vitamins to increase your energy levels, so it is best to take them in the morning so you can get a boost of energy for the day ahead! 

  • Shake shake shake - for herbal tinctures shake before use - some blends will have a sediment at the bottom and some won’t. Shake them up either way to get a nice balance of herbs in each dose

  • Have you been given a sleepy herb mix? Incorporate this into your night time routine which might look like: dinner, cup of sleepy tea, herb mix, hot shower, read a book, sleep

  • Supplementing zinc? Let us save you the nausea and lightheadedness - take zinc AFTER food to avoid this response! 

  • Wondering if you can have your nutrition powders in your water bottle? Yes, with nutritional powders, you can choose between having it in a more concentrated ½ glass of water or diluted in a drink bottle to sip on throughout the day.

  • Supplementing Zinc and Iron in the same treatment plan means you need to take them at different times. This is because they compete with one other for absorption!

  • Iron is really sensitive to some binding chemicals in milk, tea and coffee. Take your iron supplement away from these beverages, absorption is best 15 minutes after meals - or with a glass of orange juice! 

  • Your stool may turn a darker colour when taking iron supplements but this is totally normal. 

  • Keep your probiotics in the fridge (please!) 

  • Food as medicine has some rules too! Any ground meals which contain omega 3 like flaxseed, hemp seed and almond meal should be store in the fridge to preserve the fatty acids

  • If you have been prescribed a probiotic alongside antibiotics make sure you separate them by 2 hours, otherwise your antibiotic will kill off all the good bacteria in your probiotic and we don't want that

  • Please have your probiotics with food! That's their food too.

  • Vitamin D - the vitamin from the sun. We like suggesting this one in the morning as you rise with the sun.

  • Have you heard of fat soluble vitamins? Vitamin A, D, K & E . These nutrients need fats and digestive chemicals to be absorbed, so get the most out of them taking them with food!

  • Been prescribed something oily? Cod liver, liquid fish oil, liposomal D3, liposomal vitamin C  - its best to keep this in the fridge after opening as it will prevent oxidation, keeping them fresher for longer and giving you the best effect of the product. 

  • If you have finished your herbs and are waiting on a repeat let us know if you would like to reuse your plastic medicine cup so we can keep our plastic use at minimum.

  • Always use a dry spoon when dosing out powders - water will make them go hard and clumpy before you have the time to finish! 

  • Wondering if you can combine 2 products to make dosing more convenient? Sure thing, send us a message and we will determine if they can or can’t be blended!


And please remember, if you react to any herbs or supplements, please let your naturopath know as soon as possible!