Do any of these sound familiar? Is this you?


- Itchy and sneezy

- Congested and full of mucous

- Eczema flare ups

- Trouble with digestion 

- A history of antibiotic use

- Fatigue

- Headaches


These are key hay fever symptoms and factors that can often signify the onset of hay fever and can further contribute to immune sensitivities.


Inside our ‘Getting a Hold of Hay Fever’ E-book, you will find descriptions for each step of the program – broken down in two week blocks, with treatment purposes and supplement goals, key nutrients for each stage, as well as a copy of the custom elimination diet guidelines.

Yours to keep and implement for the future!


This gives you the information and automony to reduce your reactivity yourself, sourcing your own supplements and pacing it to your liking and/or repeating different weeks to maintain the benefits!

    Getting a Hold of Hay Fever

    • We are also offering this E-Book with our Hay Fever Reduction Program - customised for you. 

      The Program provides you with 1 on 1 guidance by one of our trained Naturopaths. 

      Inclusive of:

      1 x Complete 60 minute Inital Consultation 

      3 x 20 minute follow ups 

      Practitioner only Supplements - prescrible for your unique presentation aligned with the E-Book progam

      1 x E-Book

      Email support over 6 weeks!


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