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Whether you are planning to start a family soon, have already begun trying to conceive, are currently brewing a little bub or breastfeeding the newest member of your family, this is for you.

We want to shine a light on the many windows of opportunity that will give your child the best start in life through the means of optimal nutrition. For some, you have time to optimise the health of your egg which will hold the wonderful DNA determining who your future child will become. For others, we can make sure that your growing baby is developing healthy systems and organs. And, for those that are post-partum, we want to ensure maternal nutrition is meeting requirements to create some super-nourished breast milk to pass on to your bub. At The Remedy Rooms, when we think of natal care, it doesn’t simply start at conception and finish at birth.

As it is commonly known, the first 1000 days (from conception to 2 years) of life are key for determining a child’s development and growth, we want to stretch it back just that little bit further and include those three months prior to conception. An additional benefit of this is knowing you have done some ground work BEFORE the symptoms of trimester 1 kick-in, such as the all too common nausea and vomiting, which can be a massive obstacle in eating a nourishing diet and taking your pregnancy supps!


Well, if you rewind from the moment a sperm and egg meet, you’ll find that 90 days prior that egg was just a tiny stem cell beginning its journey and developing in your ovary. Just like all your other cells, your egg is influenced by your nutritional status. Studies show that health before conception has strong ties with successful implantation, placental function, physical and metabolic factors of foetal growth, maternal health, birth outcomes, continual development whilst breastfeeding and later-life health conditions.

So, in saying that, we want to provide you information on the basics when it comes to those three months + 1000 days in natal nutrition. Keep in mind this is the basics and is not considering multiple pregnancy. Some nutrients won’t be new information and are widely known for their benefits in natal care, others are less considered but by no means less essential than the others. If you are someone with any pre-existing conditions – most significantly with your thyroid, female reproductive cycles or metabolic system, then a more specific and tailored approach will be needed under the guidance of a health professional!

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